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Flexology Wellness Clinic Inc. is a premium multi-disciplinary health and wellness facility that specializes in pain management and treatment, injury rehabilitation and prevention, health and performance optimization, and patient education. We offer a wide spectrum of services and advanced modalities to help you live a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle! Our unique integrated health care approach allows our patients to receive collaborative treatments from multiple professional disciplines to ensure the highest quality of care! We also offer Calgary’s first membership based health, wellness and rehabilitation centre, in which patients can come in and do their own rehab and corrective care!


At Flexology Wellness…

“We Care About Your Care”


  • Low Back Pain, & Disc Herniations/Bulges
  • Ankle Sprains & Injuries
  • Whiplash, Neck Pain, & Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy's & Foot Pain
  • Ligament Injuries & Tendon Inflammation
  • TMJ Disorders, Headaches & Migraines
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist & Hand Pain
  • Contact & Non-Contact Sports Injuries
  • Sciatica & Neurological Pain
  • Postural & Spinal Disorders
  • Hamstring & Muscular Strains
  • ACL & Knee Injuries
  • Diaphragm, Post-Pregnancy & Pelvic Floor Issues
  • Obesity & Metabolic Disorders
  • Chronic & Acute Pain Conditions
  • Sports Performance & Health Optimization
  • Concussions & Head Injuries
  • Elbow Pain & Tendonitis (Golfers & Tennis Elbow)
  • Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Dizziness & Vertigo
  • Eye Muscle Disorders (Extra-Ocular Dysfunctions)
  • Neuromuscular & Fascial Disorders/Conditions
  • Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) & Joint Immobility
  • Muscular Atrophy & Dystrophy
  • Other Musculoskeletal Pathologies
  • Weight-Loss & Nutritional Guidance


At Flexology Wellness, we believe in promoting patient education, independence, and resilience. All of our treatments are “patient-centered” and we offer a unique multi-disciplinary integrated approach that ensures the highest quality of care and treatment success. We not only help treat you, we also help teach you how to treat yourself and manage your own symptoms using our state of the art membership based rehabilitation, health and wellness centre. 


We utilize a research driven and evidence based approach that has been proven to deliver progressive and long-lasting results. All of our professionals have undergone extensive training and education to ensure that our patients are receiving the highest quality of care! Our main priority is to help you reach your health and wellness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to help you live a healthier, pain-free lifestyle!


At Flexology Wellness, we believe in changing lives, not just bodies!

Choose From a Variety of Services!

Our comprehensive pain management and treatment approaches include various advanced modalities, corrective care, and therapeutic-based interventions.
Our team of professionals are able to assist with many different types of injuries, accidents and traumatic incidents. Our specialists are also able to assist with pre and post surgical operations to optimize success rates and recovery times!
We offer many services to help optimize your physical, athletic and recreational performance, and we also offer a variety of services to help you improve your overall health and wellness!
We don't only treat you, but we also teach you how to treat yourself. Our experience professionals will equip you with self-rehabilitation and pain management treatment plans to help you become independent with your care and health!


  • Consultations & Assessments
    Our comprehensive assessment process helps our specialists design a more unique and effective intervention program. Consult with our practitioners to better understand the available treatment options so that you can pursue your preferred course of action. Additionally, our therapists will also provide you with some self corrective tips, exercises, stretches and considerations to help kick start your progress! Book Online Now!
  • Manual Osteopathy
    Osteopathic Manual Therapy uses various modalities of assessment and treatment to help with pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and with various neuromusculoskeletal (nerves, joints, muscles), somatovisceral (organs, diaphragm, pelvic floor), cranial (skull & head), spinal (cord and vertebrae) and connective tissue (ligaments, bones, fascia) pathologies and conditions. Manual Osteopathy at Flexology Wellness promotes patient education, independence, lifestyle and habitual modifications, and corrective exercise to ensure optimal treatment progress and the longevity of results!
  • Chiropractic
    Chiropractic care combines various modalities, education, corrective exercise, lifestyle advice, and manual therapy to holistically assess, treat and manage various neuromusculoskeletal (nerves, muscles, joints) conditions and pathologies. Chiropractic care at Flexology Wellness promotes a high degree of patient self-efficacy and care, addresses the root cause of symptoms and conditions, and educates patients on effective self management to promote independence.
  • Cold Laser Therapy
    Cold Laser Therapy (otherwise known as "Photobiomodulation") is used to a wide spectrum of conditions and pathologies. Cold Laser Therapy promotes internal healing, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow and red blood cell counts, and helps with pain management. Our advanced BioFlex Professional Clinical Laser system can help with arthritis, tendinopathies, pre and post surgery, bone fractures, nerve damage, muscle or tendon tears, concussions, sports injuries, joint immobility and damage, cartilage repair, and much more!
  • Kinesiology & Sports Medicine
    Kinesiology is the study of human movement, health and rehabilitation. Kinesiology/Kinesiotherapy incorporates both corrective movement and manual therapy to restore optimal functionality in the body. This modality addresses all forms of dysfunction, imbalance and pain, by identifying and treating biomechanical, neuromuscular and articular (joint) components. Kinesiology/Kinesiotherapy identifies the root cause of pain/dysfunction, and treats the body holistically, rather than solely focusing on the area of complaint. This unique form of therapy can not only help you alleviate that frustrating pain, but can also help with other health-related factors including, nutrition, lifestyle and habitual modifications and much more!
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy
    Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy utilizes strong electrical impulses to help improve neuromuscular function. This form of therapy is highly effective for those with nerve damage, poor motor control, pain with movements, postural dysfunctions, pre and post surgical interventions, and injury rehabilitation. This modality is also highly effective for elite and recreational athletes looking to improve performance outcomes.
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
    FST is an innovative pain-free modality that focuses on fascia, the connective tissue of the body. This modality can not only significantly improve your overall mobility, but can also do wonders for your posture, pain and health. This relaxing form of intervention is an excellent way to improve range of motion, flexibility, strength and movement! Get the kick back in your step! Book your session today!
  • Corrective Exercise Therapy
    Corrective Exercise Therapy aims to improve movement, strength, mobility and stability limitations that may be the result of injuries, pain or other health-related pathologies and conditions. Corrective exercise therapy helps improve neuromusculoskeletal function and strength by addressing the root movement dysfunctions that are creating limitations in one's mobility, stability, strength and health. CET is used for pain management, injury rehabilitation and prevention and for strengthening and conditioning.
  • Sports & Athletic Performance Optimization
    Flexology Wellness also offers specific intervention strategies that cater to both elite and recreational sport athletes. Sports and Athletic Performance Optimization includes weight-management, muscle gain (hypertrophy), nutritional advice, strengthening and conditioning, sports specific training and rehab, injury prevention, return to sport, pre and post surgery rehabilitation for athletic injuries, and performance optimization for specific sports and activities.

The Flexology Way

At Flexology your physical and mental well-being is our number one priority! We believe in holistic healing and take pride in our comprehensive methodologies that allow us to provide the most complete treatments for our valued patients. In order to maximize results and make it easier for clients to adhere to their treatment programs, Flexology Wellness Clinic has opened a state of the art health, wellness and rehabilitation centre accessible by membership!

In addition to our state of the art facility, we also offer educational workshops and active classes, in which our highly qualified professionals teach you how to effectively take care of yourself and to manage your own symptoms and conditions! There are many different classes available, and the goal is to ensure that patients are being taught how to be independent and progressive with their own care!



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