Flexology Wellness Membership

Flexology Wellness Clinic members receive countless benefits to help them achieve their health and wellness goals more easily and efficiently. The purpose of the membership is to deliver quicker and longer lasting results for our patients, and to show patients how to be independent with their own health! The membership includes classes, workshops, discounts, facility access, and unlimited access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of technology and equipment to allow patients to perform their own rehabilitation and corrective care!

Member Benefits


  • Preferred Rates on All Professional Services
  • Unlimited Access to Our Member Wellness & Rehabilitation Center
  • Unlimited Access to Advanced & Specialized Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Unlimited Access to Electrical, Percussion, & Vibration Rehabilitation Technology
  • 2 Rehabilitation/Health/Mobility/Corrective Exercise/Posture/Strengthening Classes EACH month
  • 2 Educational Workshops (Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Posture, Fascia, Stretching, Pain Management, Health & Lifestyle) EACH month
  • 10-15% Discount on Supplements & Apparel
  • 10% Discount on Home-Care Equipment
  • Exclusive 24/7 Online Communication with your Flexology Professionals via Online Portal
  • Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Options (2+ Professionals Involved in your Treatment and Care)
  • Preferred Scheduling, Booking & Appointment Times
  • Same Day Emergency Appointment Scheduling Available Only to Members!
  • 2 Complimentary Bring-A-Friend per Month (for classes or facility access)


Membership Purpose


  • More efficient intervention process
  • Quicker results
  • Treatment longevity and permanence of results
  • Unlimited patient education
  • Active patient classes & workshops to promote independence
  • Self-management of conditions and symptoms
  • More cost-effective and economical treatments
  • Less treatments required
  • Improved self-care and program adherence
  • Higher patient motivation
  • Access to the Flexology Wellness Community
  • Support from other community members and staff
  • Decreased reliance on professionals and passive services
  • Patient are more pro-active in their care and rehabilitation
  • Ease of management and care after discharged from care
  • Constant access and communication with professionals to prevent relapse and to ensure progress
  • Consistency in treatment and self-care
  • Patient is in charge of their own health outcomes


Membership Value


  • Preferred Rates from 3-5 treatments subsidizes monthly membership cost!
  • Each Class and Educational Workshop is valued at $20.00, thus, 4x classes per month = $80.00 in savings EACH month!!
  • Discounts on Apparel, Supplements and Home Care Equipment adds up to over $50.00 in savings a month!!
  • Service for Exclusive access to Professionals via Online Portal typically costs over $50.00 per month, but is included in the membership at no extra charge!!
  • 2 Complimentary Bring-A-Friend to Classes valued at $40.00 included in membership!
  • Unlimited Access to our Health, Wellness, & Self-Rehabilitation Center
  • Access to over $20,000 of specialized equipment and technology included in membership!!
  • 3rd Party Billing Patients essentially get the membership for free, as the cost is subsidized through discounted treatment rates!!

Actual Membership Value: Over $300.00!!




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