What makes Flexology Wellness different from other clinics?

At Flexology Wellness, our main goal is to support and empower our patients to eventually be able to take care of themselves. Many clinics see patients as an opportunity to make money by keeping them coming back for endless visits and relying on the practitioner to feel better. Our healthcare professionals emphasize education and active participation to the patients so that they can develop independence and confidence in being able to manage their own conditions.

What is integrated multi-disciplinary care?

Flexology Wellness Clinic is one of the first facilities to offer collaborative integrated multi-disciplinary care, in which more than one professional from a different discipline (Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist etc.) will work on your intervention program together! Members receive the luxury of receiving collaborative care in which professionals communicate and work with one another before developing a treatment plan and intervention course of action. You will receive a consultation with each professional you would like to be included in your care plan before your treatments are administered. This allows patients to receive collaborative care without the hassle of visiting multiple facilities, and allows professionals to treat patients by communicating with other team members that are collaborating on their case! For more information, please visit the clinic or email!

What is Kinesiology/Kinesiotherapy?

Kinesiology/Kinesiotherapy is the study of human movement, health and rehabilitation. Kinesiologists assess and treat various movement and physical dysfunctions and aim to improve general quality of living. They use various intervention strategies and are accredited at the same level as all other allied health care professions. Each professional varies in the services rendered, however, majority of professionals work within the realm of injury rehabilitation and prevention and pain management. They utilize Manual and Movement techniques to help optimize physical function and health. They are also able to administer Cold Laser Therapy, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy, Corrective Exercise Therapy and much more, to help their patients achieve their health and rehabilitation goals! For more information, please contact and learn how Kinesiology can benefit you and your life!

What is a Chiropractic adjustment?

An adjustment (aka joint manipulation) is a high velocity low force thrust of a specific joint in a specific direction, in order to increase or restore range of motion, reset tight muscles in the area, improve joint awareness, and restore normal joint function. Adjustments are not only for the joints of the spine and are not only performed by chiropractors, although chiropractors often have the most experience and training in this treatment method. Adjustments often cause a “popping” sound to occur (but not always) but this is nothing to worry about, as it is just the sound of air bubbles being released from the joint.

What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy?

Manual Osteopathy is a holistic health care discipline that can help with pain management, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and general health optimization. Osteopathic Manual Therapists specialize in treating nerves, muscles, joints, organs, fascia, connective tissue, diaphragms, skull bones, spines and spinal cords. For more information, please visit our “services” section or call to book a consultation and see how Manual Osteopathy can help you live a better life!

What is Organ Therapy?

Organ, also known as advanced visceral therapy helps improve movement of visceral organs. Often times, if there are restrictions in organ movement, then referral patterns of pain will emerge. Organs move just like muscles in the body, and can benefit significantly from manual therapy. There is movement of all organs upon every breath, and if there are restrictions in organ movement then often times the patient will experience difficulty with particular movements, activities of daily living and may also experience other psychological symptoms. Nearly all musculoskeletal pathologies have a visceral component to them, meaning that a lot of movement restrictions and pain experiences can be improved with Visceral Therapy. For more information, please contact our Osteopathic Manual Therapists or admin staff to see if Visceral Therapy is right for you!

What is Cold Laser Therapy? Is it safe? How can it help? 

Cold Laser Therapy, otherwise known as photobiomodulation is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment modality that helps with tissue healing, recovery and pain. Cold Laser Therapy has various applications and can be used for a variety of clinical conditions, injuries and pathologies. It has been shown to be an even more effective modality for conditions/injuries such as osteoarthritis, ligament or tendon tears, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, headaches/migraines, rotator cuff injuries, disc herniations and bursitis when used alongside active interventions such as corrective exercise care. Unlike other electro modalities and laser systems, our BioFlex Cold Laser Therapy approach is completely safe and has no reported side effects in millions of documented cases! To find out if Cold Laser Therapy is right for you, book a consultation with one of our Certified Laser Therapists or Health Care professionals, and we would be happy to provide you with some more information!

What are typical rates for treatments and services?

Rates vary significantly based on the needs of the patient and advanced services required for optimal patient care. We advise that you speak with one of our professionals or staff members to get a better idea of fees and services. Rates also vary based on memberships.

What is a Flexology Wellness Membership?

Flexology Memberships provide countless benefits to our members. More information can be found under the “Members” section. Essentially, memberships allow individuals unlimited access to facilities, technologies and equipment, in addition to classes, workshops and other exclusive Flexology Wellness events! Members also receive discounts on treatments, services, apparel and home care equipment. For membership rates, please visit the clinic or email!

Are all Chiropractors the same? What about Osteopaths? Or Kinesiologists?

NO! In the world of rehab and manual therapy, every health care professional is unique and may have different ways of assessing and/or treating their patients. If you have had experience with chiropractors, osteopaths or kinesiologists before and did not see the results you wanted, rest assured that the professionals at Flexology Wellness will change your mind and give you an experience unlike any other. See our About section to learn more about what we do.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Because the treatment is non-invasive (not involving drugs or surgery), the risk of a serious side effect is extremely low. While most people will feel a sense of relief and improved range of motion, it is possible that following an adjustment you may experience mild soreness that should be temporary. Before your treatment, ask to discuss any concerns you have with your chiropractor. If you have any severe or lasting effects or concerns, talk to your chiropractor.

Do I need a referral from my family Doctor before I can see one of the practitioners here?

No. Our practitioners are legislated as primary contact healthcare professionals in every province in Canada.  This means that patients can consult them directly without a referral.

Are any of the services covered by insurance?

Many of our services, such as Chiropractic, Osteopathic Manual Therapy, and Registered Massage Therapy, are covered extensively by third party payers. These include employee benefit plans, the federal public service, worker’s compensation boards, the automobile insurance industry, extended healthcare benefits, the RCMP, Canadian Forces and Veteran’s Affairs Canada.  Check your health plan to determine the coverage available to you. Many of our services are also partially funded by the provincial health plan of Alberta.